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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method in OA Page

Done but with Errors, in bottom left corner of your browser.
Error Message:  "Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method in Common2_3_6_9.js" 

Because of this issue, following components do not work as expected in OA page:

1. LoVs
2. Fire Actions
3. Partial Fire Actions
4. Submit Buttons etc.

Solution: Verify all your page items and make sure that there is no item with ID as submit.

Note: It is good practice to give item type as suffix for page Items. So that we can avoid such issues and also, we can easily identify item type.

Few Examples,
Submit Button-> saveBtn
Msg Text Input -> nameTF
CheckBox -> approvalCB

MessageLovInput -> deptLov
Region -> headerRN

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