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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creating Hello World Page+OAF

0. Check the post Configuring Jdeveloper for R12 to configure JDev.

1.  Right click on Application and Select 'New OA Workspace'. 

2. Enter file name as ‘HelloWS.jws’. 
    Create Project wizard enter 
   project name – ‘HelloJpr’ and 
   package ‘’
   press next and select the database connection

3. Enter run time connection details and finish the project creation

   Select the DBC file from <Jdev Location>   \jdevhome\jdev\dbc_files\secure
   User Name: <Application User Name>
   Password : <Application Password>

4. Right click on HelloJpr and select ‘New’. From Categories choose ‘ADF Business Components’ and from items select ‘Application Module’ and press OK.

Name: helloAM              

6. Again right click on HelloJpr and select ‘New’. From Categories choose ‘OAComponents’ and from items select ‘Page’ and press OK.
   Specify the Name as ‘HelloPG’ and package as ‘’


7. Page Structure will be as follows:

8. click on ‘region1’ and enter the required fields on property inspector :

ID: pageLayoutRN
AM Definition: Select the AM created in above Step.
Window Title: Hello World Page
Title: Hi!! 

9. Right click on HelloPG.xml file and select ‘Run’.

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