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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Import and Export commands in OAF

Upload From UNIX:

java <FileName>.xml -username apps -password <Database PWD> -dbconnection "(description =(address_list= (address=  (protocol=tcp) (host=<hostname>) (port = <port_number>))) (connect_data=(sid=<SID>)))" -rootdir . -rootPackage <page_directory>

java <FileName>.jpx -username apps -password <Database PWD> -dbconnection "(description = (address_list = (address = (protocol = tcp)(host =<hostname>) (port = <port>)))(connect_data = (sid = <sid>)))"

Download From Unix:

java <document_path> -rootdir <rootdir in UNIX> -username apps -password <Database PWD> -dbconnection "(description =(address_list= (address=  (protocol=tcp) (host=<host>) (port = <port>))) (connect_data=(sid=<SID>)))"

Download/Upload from local system:

Jdeveloper provides xliffimport.bat and xliffextract.bat utilities for Export and Import pages and jpximport.bat to import extensions.


<jdev_path>\jdevbin\oaext\bin\xliffimport <filename>.xml -username apps -password <pwd> -dbconnection "(description = (address_list = (address =(protocol = tcp)(host =<host>)(port = <port>)))(connect_data = (sid = <sid>)))"

<jdev_path>\jdevbin\oaext\bin\jpximport <filename>.jpx -userId 1 -username <apps> -password <pwd> -dbconnection "(description = (address_list = (address = (protocol = tcp)(host =<host>)(port = <port>)))(connect_data = (sid = <sid>)))"


<jdev_path>\jdevbin\oaext\bin\xliffextract <page_path> -includeSubpackages -mmd_dir "<jdev_path>\jdevbin\oaext\config\mmd" -root <local_dir> -xliff_dir <local_dir> -source db -username apps -password <pwd> -dbconnection "(description = (address_list = (address = (protocol = tcp)(host = <host>)(port = <port>)))(connect_data = (sid = <sid>)))"

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