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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Executing Oracle Sales Order Information script as a Concurrent Program

The creation of the Concurrent Request needs to be performed from System Administrator responsibility, this will be a one time task. Once installed the end user will have the ability to execute the  script without the need of SQL access or the password for the Applications Owner user.

The purpose of this script is to collect information related to a sales order, its shipment lines and workflow status.

Creation of the Concurrent Request :

1. Locate the file ONTomse12.sql on $ONT_TOP/sql
    1.1 Login to the server
    1.2 Change directory to the file location(Where the file down loaded)
    1.3 Copy file ONTomse12.sql to $ONT_TOP/sql directory
    1.4 Unix permissions  644 (rw-r--r--) will be enough.

Note: If the file(ONTomse12.sql) present in $ONT_TOP/sql directory then this step can be ignored. If not, download the file using below link and follow above steps.

2. Create the Concurrent request definition.
    2.1 Navigation: System Administration(resp) ->  Concurrent -> Program -> Executable
    2.2 On the new window enter:
        Executable: HTMomse
    Short Name: HTMomse
        Application: Order Management
        Description: Diagnostics HTMomse
        Execution Method: SQL*Plus
        Execution File Name: ONTomse12
    2.3 Save
    2.4 Close window

    2.5 Navigation :  Concurrent -> Program -> Define
    2.6 Query for Program "Diagnostics: OM Order Information"
    2.7 Use the 'Copy to' button
    2.8 On the new window enter:
        Program: Diagnostics: HTMomse
        Short Name: ONTOMSE
        Application: Order Management
        Check on Include Parameters
    2.9 Click OK

    Back on the Concurrent Program definition form, the current name is now Diagnostics: HTMomse
    Move to the 'Executable' section
    Change the Name to HTMomse (This is the Executable defined above)
    Method should remain SQL*Plus
    Close window

3. Add the new Concurrent Request to the Order Management
    3.1 Navigation: Security -> Responsibility -> Request
    3.2 Query the Group OM Concurrent Programs
    3.3 Move to Requests section (Click on the first line)
    3.4 Use the Add button on Menu (green Plus sign)
    3.5 On the new line enter:
        Type: Program
        Name: Diagnostics: HTMomse (LOV is available)
        The rest of the field will be defaulted.

4. Test the Concurrent Request
    4.1 Navigation: Order Management SuperUser(resp) -> Reports, Requests -> Run Requests
    4.2 Select Single Request
    4.3 On the Requests window enter:
        Name: Diagnostics: HTMomse
     4.4 A new window opens for Parameters, enter values
                  Order Number field is Mandatory (LOV is available)
                           --> the field displays the Order Number followed by the Header_Id
          Line Number is optional (LOV is available)
      4.5 Click OK (Parameters window closes)
      4.6 Click on Submit

5. Saving the Script Output
    5.1 Navigation: View -> Requests
    5.2 Click on Find.
    5.3 Select (Click) the request named 'Diagnostics: HTMomse', the parameters field will show the Header_Id.
    5.4 Click on  'View Output'.
        The output file will open on a browser.
     5.5 To Save the file:
            Navigate to:  File / Save as   (Internet Explorer)      or      File / Save Page as    (Forefox)
            Please make sure to set field 'Save as Type' to 'Webpage, HTML Only'
    Click on Save.

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