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Friday, December 30, 2011

Item Availability Information in iStore's Cart Page

To display Item Availability Information in iStore Cart: 
This customization is to be used at your own risk. We are not responsible for any sort of inconsistencies or problems due to that. Implement this customization in test instance and test all possible scenarios.

1. Download below files

2. Rename those two files to xx_ibeCScdItemAvailability.jsp and xx_ibeCScdViewA.jsp

3. Port these files in $OA_HTML directory.

4. If automatic JSP compilation is already set in your environment then no need to compile these files explicitly(Meta Link #458338.1)
   Otherwise compile those two files using below commands..
   a) cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin
   b) perl --compile -s xx_ibeCScdItemAvailability.jsp
   c) perl --compile -s xx_ibeCScdViewA.jsp
5. Create a new template for xx_ibeCScdItemAvailability.jsp:
 5.1 Navigation: Login to oralce applications, iStore Administrator(resp) -> ibe Merchant: Advanced -> Template Manager
 5.2 Click on Add Template
     Enter Below details
      Name               : LSS_ITEM_AVAILABILITY
      Program Access Name:  LSS_ITEM_AVAILABILITY
      Description        :  Modified Cart page for only Active Carts
      Applicable to      : Shopping Cart
     Click on Apply
  5.3 Click on Add Source File
  Give Details of the file as below:
    Source File Name: xx_ibeCScdItemAvailability.jsp
    Description     : Customized Cart page to include Item Availability Information in Active Cart
    Site            : <Your Site Name>
    Language        : American English
 Click on Apply.

6. Mapping xx_ibeCScdViewA.jsp
 6.1 Search for the template with Programmatic Access Name as 'STORE_CART_MODIFY'
 6.2 Click on Update Icon.
 6.3 Click on Add Source File
    Enter details as below
         Source File Name: xx_ibeCScdViewA.jsp
         Description     : Customized Cart Modify Page for Starrett Site
         Site            : <Your Site Name>
         Language        : American English
    Click on Apply.

7. Modify url_fw.conf file to allow these custom pages in firewall
 7.1 Take backup of existing url_fw.conf file.
 7.2 Comment below line in url_fw.conf (Add # in front to comment the line)
       RewriteRule  ^/OA_HTML/ibeC.*\.jsp$  - [L]
 7.3 Add below lines to allow custom JSPs and Custom Login pages in firewall
       RewriteRule ^/OA_HTML/ibeC.*\.jsp(;jsessionid=[.a-z0-9A-Z]+){0,1}$ - [L]
       RewriteRule  ^/OA_HTML/xx.*\.jsp$  - [L]

8.  Creating Custom Error messages for Item Availability Information field in Cart Page
 8.1 Navigation: Application Developer(resp) → Application → Messages 
 8.2 Create message 'LSS_IBE_AVAIL_INFO_NEEDBY':
      Enter Details as below and save the page:
        Name                 : LSS_IBE_AVAIL_INFO_NEEDBY
    Language             : US
    Application          : iStore
    Type                 : 30% Expansion prompt
    Description          : Message for displaying earliest shipdate
    Current Message Text : Estimated Ship Date for Remaining Qty:
 8.3 Create message 'LSS_IBE_NOT_AVIL_INFO':
       Enter Details as below and save the page:
    Name                : LSS_IBE_NOT_AVIL_INFO
    Language            : US
    Application         : iStore
    Type                : 30% Expansion prompt
    Description        : Message for displaying Item Availability Information
    Current Message Text: Total Quantity is Not Available
 8.4 Create message 'LSS_IBE_AVAIL_INFO_QTY':
       Enter Details as below and save the page:
     Name                : LSS_IBE_AVAIL_INFO_QTY
     Language            : US
         Application         : iStore
         Type                : 30% Expansion prompt
         Description         : Message for displaying available qty on requested date
         Current Message Text: Quantity available:

9. Remove cache and Bounce oacore and apache services.

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