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Friday, May 27, 2011

Conditionally Enabling/Disabling Concurrent Program Parameters

Introduction : This post provides the guidance to the user with the necessary information for creating parameters for a concurrent program and making them conditionally enable/disable.
Steps to be followed :-
1.Create a procedure with two input parameters.
2.Create an executable with execution method as PL/SQL Procedure
  and execution file as the procedure created in step1.
3.Create a concurrent program with executable created in step2.
4.Assign the concurrent program to a request set to run the
  concurrent program from a responsibility.
5.Create two two three values sets.
6.Create three parameters for the concurrent program
  created in step 3 using value sets created in step 5.
7.Go to the responsibility to which the concurrent program assigned in step 4 to run the program..

Installation Steps

Step1 : Create procedure
CREATE OR REPLACE procedure test_proc(
errbuf OUT varchar2,
retcode out NUMBER,
p_two_dummy IN VARCHAR2,
p_two IN NUMBER)
fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG,'Log File');
fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.OUTPUT,'Out put File' || p_one || '   ' || p_two);
end test_proc;

Run above procedure in SQL * Plus / Toad.Step2:  Creating Executable:Navigation :- System Administrator Responsibility → Concurrent →  Program → Executable
Executable : TEST_PROC
Short Name: TEST_PROC
Application: Custom Development
Execution Method: PL/SQL Stored Procedure
Execution File Name : TEST_PROC

Save and close the Concurrent Program executable window.

Step 3: Creation of Values Sets
 3.1 Creating Value set
       Value Set Name  :LAMS_SRS_YES_NO_MAND
       Description     :Yes/No   
       List Type       : List Of Values
       Format          : Char
       Security Type   : No Security
       Validation Type : Table

       Edit Information:
            Table Name : FND_LOOKUPS
            Value      : MEANING         TYPE :VARCHAR2
            ID         : LOOKUP_CODE     TYPE :VARCHAR2
            Where/Order By : WHERE Lookup_type = 'YES_NO'    

Click on Test → Ok → Save and close Validation Table Information window and then value set window.

  3.2 Creating Value set for Dummy Parameter:

      List Type     : List Of Values
      Format        : Char(Check Uppercase Only)
      Security Type : No Security
      Validation Type : None

  3.3 Value set for Sales Order Numbers:      Value Set Name : ONT_ORDER
      List Type   : List Of Values
      Format      : Number(Check Numbers Only)
      Security Type : No Security
      Validation Type : Table

      Edit Information:
        Table Name : OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL
        Value   : ORDER_NUMBER           TYPE :NUMBER
        Where/Order By : where :$FLEX$.XXLSS_ORDER_DUMMY = 'Y'     

Click on Test → Ok → Save and close Validation Table Information window and then value set window.
 Step 4 : Creating a concurrent Program

   Program          : TEST_PROC
   Short Name       : TEST_PROC
   Application      : Custom Development

   Executable  Name : TEST_PROC

Save and click on Parameters.
Step 5: Creation of Parameters
  5.1 Yes/No Parameter
         Seq          : 10
         Parameter    : p_one
         Value Set    : AMS_SRS_YES_NO_MAND
         Enabled      : Yes
         Required     : Yes
         Display      : Yes

  5.2Creating Dummy Parameter
         Seq : 15
         Parameter : p_two_dummy
         Value Set    : CST_SRS_MARGIN_ORDER_DUMMY2
         Default Type : SQL Statement
         Default Value: select decode        (:$FLEX$.XXONT_OSR_YES_NO,'Y','Y','N',NULL) from dual
         Enabled   : Yes
         Required  : No
         Display   : No

  5.3 Creating Conditional Parameter
          Seq : 20
          Parameter :  p_two
          Value Set : ONT_ORDER      
           Enabled   : Yes
           Required  : Yes
            Display   : Yes

Step 6 : Assigning the concurrent program a request group:Navigation:- System Administrator → Security → Responsibility → Request
Query for the Request group, 'OM Concurrent Programs'

Select Request Type and click on Add New
Type : Program
Application : Custom Development

Save and close the Window.
Step7 : Running  the concurrent request:-
Navigation: Order Management Super User → Reports, Requests → Run Requests  →
  Give Program Name as 'TEST_PROC'
 When you select Yes for the first parameter then second parameter become mandatory.

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